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The questions you need to be asking the installer are pretty same as the residential website however we will point them out again here in case the visitor is only visiting the commercial website.

  1. Do you have professional and experienced installing solar panel system in Ontario?
  2. What is the number of system you have installed in Ontario?
  3. Can you provide a list of past customers who would be willing to provide reference?
  4. Are the particular installers qualified to install the project? Are they potent enough in meeting all the safety standards?
  1. Do they meet the licensing and certification parameters?
  2. Is the business being registered with Better Business Bureau?
  3. Do you have any such warranties on the particular product?
  4. Do you have any such general liabilities towards covering the property damage or injury?
  5. Will you be ordering all the required equipments for this project?
  6. What is the entire cost of the total installation?
  7. Are there any such fees that are not being included on the quote?
  8. Will the company be arranging all the necessary approvals and permits?
  9. Will you be working with the local Distribution Company to arrange for connection to the grid?

There are other questions also however these are the most common ones. The customer is free to ask any questions to the installer. Some frequently asked questions to the solar companies are given below. You can use them as guideline when inquiring about solar panels.

Will my property go up in value if I install rooftop solar panels?

Though no such data is being available from the Canadian Real Estate Association, one of the most recent researches into home sale prices in 6 US States (California, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania) have brought out that the solar panel system might be very significant for residential properties. It was found out those 4,000 recent real estate transactions from May 2010 till October 2014, have used solar panels and commercial solar panels for sale are at almost 4% premium compared to the average selling price on the market.

Can I recover HST paid on the purchase of solar panel system?

Yes, if the solar panel system is being connected to the grid and is being used exclusively to sell of electricity to the IESO (former OPA. Maximum participants in the micro-FIT program are considered as miniature suppliers for the HST purposes.

If you are voluntarily registering for the HST number, you are then required towards collecting the remit HST on your taxable sales of electricity to your local hydro company.

Commercial solar panels for sale generally cost around $40,000 which has around 10 KW capacities. However bigger capacity panels will cost more.

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