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In this blog we will focus about general information regarding solar energy. It is a natural form of renewable energy available abundantly in nature. Using this energy to generate electricity is done by equipment called solar cells or panels. Buying solar cells in Ontario is affordable now because of the various solar incentive programs offered by the provincial government. They are Micro-FIT & NET Metering. We will discuss these programs in detail later.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Renewable: Solar energy is renewable means that there would be no such shortage of solar as opposed to non-renewable energy sources.

Abundant: The earth surface receives 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation (sunlight) – 20,000 times more power than what is needed to supply for the entire world.

Sustainable: A sustainable energy source meets the needs and demands without even compromising the ability of future generation. It is sustainable as there is no such way we can over consume it.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

It is quite expensive: Is solar energy expensive is a debatable question. The driving forces behind the development of solar energy are rooted in politics. Solar power is motivated to compete against other energy sources on the market.

Energy storage is expensive: Energy storage space systems such as batteries will help smooth out demand and weight, making solar power more stable, but these technologies are also expensive.

Requires more space: Power density, or watt per square meter (W/m²), while looking at how much power can be derived from a specified area of real estate of an energy source. Low power density indicates that too much real estate is required to provide the power we demand at an effective price.

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